Zapuntel: the dream of a vineyard by the sea.


After the adventure of Podere le Ripi, we introduce Zapuntel: the Brunello from the vineyards on the west of Montalcino .

I ended up in the winemaking world by chance: my first vintage (2003) was so great that I decided to keep going. And as for the rest of the story, well, most of you know it already: Lupi & Sirene, Amore & Magia.. Myself, together with a young team, have made our fans fall in love with those wines. 

With time, we realized that the wine was running out. We then started to look for other vineyards in Montalcino: that is how we found Podere il Galampio, situated on the opposite side of Podere le Ripi.

Le Ripi borders with the Orcia river, in the south-east extremity of the Montalcino’s municipality, and Podere il Galampio borders with the Ombrone river on the north-west extremity.I fell in love with that land: it is different from Le Ripi where its striking clay erosions give the impression of great power and structure. Podere il Galampio, on the other hand, is filled with Limestone and schists which explode with minerality.

Francesco Illy and Podere le Ripi

 I made a bet with myself that I could extract the very       best characteristics from that soil and express them   into our wines. If our wines will improve even more   (and we will find out only in a few years) I will win the   bet. Otherwise, we would still have more wines to offer,   with a different expression but still very bold, beautiful   and elegant. To get a head start, we have already   begun converting the land into both organic and   biodynamic.

 Zapuntel is our very first Brunello di Montalcino entirely   produced at Podere il Galampio. And I have to say: I   love it. I taste in this wine the potential that we will   successfully to extract from those vines.

This is why I   wanted a brand new label, and I liked the   idea of   Zapuntel: the dream of my vineyard by the   sea. One day, she will be mine. 

Francesco Illy

Vignaiolo - 


The land of Podere il Galampio


The traditional vineyard located in the middle of the wild west of Montalcino.

Podere il Galampio hosts a total of 7 hectares (17 acres) at an altitude of 140 meters (460 ft) above sea levels. The plot fully faces West and is placed inside a natural park, immersed in a wild forest landscape which gives an untouched look to the land.

The vineyards are located on the West, which is on the complete opposite side from Podere le Ripi, such geological change will allow for a completely different wine identity which will certainly enrich the complexity of the wines.

There are high expectations placed on the possibility of producing a Brunello with its own identity, born from the exposure of different climatic conditions.

The terroirs that are mainly sandy and tufaceous with a deep reach skeleton, differ from the classic red and grey colored soils that are actually quite rare. Such terroirs indicate a vast variety of the mineral compound, due to a diverse geological origin of the soil (both volcanic and alluvial) – which will make very interesting reading the different expressions of the old Sangiovese clones in the various vineyards. 


Research for the perfect vinification processes

From the meticulous commitment in the vineyard to a careful research for the perfect barrel that should leave the wine free to express itself to the fullest but at the same time should enhance its best characteristics

Zapuntel is the representation of a wine in constant evolution. Every year we will try to best interpret the land and its characteristics. The very first vintage of Zapuntel (2012) was conceived with a classic winemaking method, keeping a special attention toward simplicity: fairly long fermentation and maceration processes that lasted for about 20 days, followed by 36 months of aging in antique wooden barrels that contain up to 2500 liters (660 gallons), concluding with a long aging period in the bottle.

The grapes that we have witnessed entering the cellar up until now, clearly embody the Sangiovese Grosso of Montalcino. With a delicate but generous fruit, the true challenge will be to maintain that lightness and transparency while increasing the thickness and length of the wines. This will happen from a meticulous commitment in the vineyard and a careful research for the perfect barrel. A barrel that needs to leave the wine free to express itself to its true potential, and to accentuate its characteristics.

The Lable

The Idea.



Zapuntel Etichetta Front

It is a tiny village on the island of Molat, Dalmatia.

But it could also be the name of a gentle giant.

Or maybe the one of a sea monster that helps the castaways.

I chose it for this wine because the sea, the islands,

the sun, and the salty air are elements I love.

At sunset, these colours melt in those of this wine,

and the dream of a vineyard near the sea

awakens in me again: …one day I’ll have her*.


Francesco Illy



*to me, a vineyard, like a boat, will always be a she.

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